On Wednesday 8th March 2017 it was International Women's Day.

The Hartley Change Makers Club led a series of International Women’s Day assemblies for children in years 1 to 6 .This was to inform children about what International Women’s Day is about.

To do this we did a role-play, and the lesson behind it was that a woman and men should be paid equally. In our role-play even though the man and woman did the same job the man gets paid more and the woman gets paid less!

International Women’s Day is a very important celebration in the year. International Women’s Day is held to showcase women’s rights and achievements.

The change makers developed all of the ideas on their own to lead these assemblies, and worked really hard to perform the assembly, the Change Makers are trying to make Hartley an even better place to study in by spreading the message to the whole school to say that men and women should be paid and treated equally for a better society.

This article was written by Aroob 2S, Joel 3A, Kanzah 3A and Wafa 3M.

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