Newham Geography Bee at Elmhurst Primary, March 2017

On Thursday, 9th March, three children from Year 5 took part in the Newham Geography Bee.  Joshua (5B), Rishi (5B) and Ariyan (5G) represented Hartley against 12 other schools in a quiz which tested all aspects of their Geography knowledge. 

They used their fantastic knowledge of capital cities, flags and countries in two rounds during the morning.  After lunch the four top-scoring teams went through to the final.

Hartley made it to the final and faced another round of difficult questions.  Unfortunately, they came fourth overall, with Park Primary School winning the trophy, but the boys did fantastically well and showed they had excellent geographical knowledge.


To test your own knowledge, can you answer some of these questions which they faced?  

1) What is the capital city of Burkina Faso?

2) Name the 9 countries of the world which begin with the letter I?

3) Which four countries share a border with Greece?

4) If I am standing at the bottom of Mount Everest, which country am I in?

5) What is the most popular language spoken in Brazil?

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