Talking to Your Children...

Following the recent terrible events that have happened in Manchester and London, we have put links below to some websites with information which you may find useful. With yet another horrific terrorist attack this time so close to home, it is likely that your child may be asking "Why do people want to hurt other people?"

How to answer this heart-breaking question is something no parent is naturally prepared to do. We're all looking for ways to explain something that's impossible to explain- because we don't understand it. Talking about terrorism is different from other scary news. We are unprepared for random and atrocious displays of violence.

Still, while we may wish we didn't have to talk about terrorist acts with children, it's a necessity. Due to the world we live in and the non-stop news cycle, parents must develop the tools to discuss the topic with their children.

We hope the links below prove useful - just click on any of the pictures: