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Hartley Primary School

Year 3 - Learning @ Home

On this page, you will find ideas to help Year 3 pupils learn at home. We hope these activities support you during this time, however they are optional so families are welcome to use their own home learning ideas if they prefer.

Project Learning


All of this week's maths tasks are based on 'Units of Measure'.  Before you begin, think about what you already know about length and capacity!  

To access this week's maths tasks, please click on the links below:   

3rd April - Maths Task 1

3rd April - Maths Task 2

3rd April - Maths Task 3 

You can use some space in your home learning book to record your learning.

Maths around the home.  

Maths is everywhere...we just have to find it.  Have a go at the tasks on this card to see how much maths is in your home! 

Maths On The Move Challenge!


To access this week's reading tasks, please click on the links below: 

3rd April - Reading Task

For this week's reading task you will need to use this website:

You can read or listen to as many books as you wish on this website too!  It's completely FREE!  


Each week we will be following up our reading task with a 'Big Thought' about the text.  Click on the blue link below to see this week's 'Big Thought'.   

3rd April - Big Thought of the week.


First News is a great newspaper with up to date, child friendly news.   Click on the links below to read a copy of the latest edition of First News and some activity sheets: 

First News 27th March - 2nd April

First News Activity 1-  First News Activity 2-   First News Activity 3


Pangrams are sentences which include all the letters in the alphabet.  They are a great tool for handwriting practices.  Have a go at writing this pangram in your home learning book: 

The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

Useful website links

 Remember to keep active at home and look after your well being during these times.  Here are a couple of useful links that can help you: 

P.E with Joe Wicks

'Peace Out' - Relaxation for children 

  Past activities

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