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Hartley Primary School

Year 2 - Learning @ Home

On this page, you will find ideas to help Year 2 pupils learn at home. We hope these activities support you during this time, however they are optional so families are welcome to use their own home learning ideas if they prefer.

Project Learning


Here is some more work about fractions so that you can carry on with the learning that we started at school. Click on the links below to see the learning activities you can try. There are some useful videos and some additional activities to help you with your learning here.

Recognising a Third

Finding a Third

Wholes, Halves and Quarters

Problem Solving

Journal Tasks

Try out this fun fractions activity. Can you match the fractions to the
correct pictures below? See how many you can get correct in 1 minute.

Fractions Game

Don't forget, you can also log into Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars for additional maths learning!


Read 'Ooze Slingers from Outer Space' 

Can you summarise what happens in the story?

Use the summarising skills card to help you.

Here are some inference questionsabout  'Ooze Slingers from Outer Space'

Use the inference skills cardto help you. 

Don't forget, you can also keep reading using your Reading Buddy account!

 Useful website links

Fun Coding Activities

Healthy Eating Ideas

Have a go at recreating some of the pointillism paintings that we created at school. Remember, you can use a cotton bud instead of a paintbrush. If you don’t have paint at home, you could try drawing dots with pens or pencils.

Pointillism Paintings


  Past activities

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