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Hartley Primary School


R.E at Hartley

Our Religious Education curriculum is taken from Newham's Agreed Syllabus, which has been agreed by Newham Council, local teachers, and representatives of all major local faiths and denominations. Although Christian-based, it also ensures that our pupils gain respect for an awareness and understanding of other world religions.

All parents have a right to withdraw their child from the school's daily act of collective worship, or from Religious Education however, we hope all pupils will take part.


R.E Curriculum Overview

The religious curriculum overview ensures that every child has the opportunity to explore a range of worldly religions.

Festival Assemblies

At Hartley we take pride in recognising and celebrating our diverse cultures and religions. Each half term, year groups rehearse and perform a festival assembly, acknowledging the religious stories behind them. This is an opportunity for the year group to learn about religions and cultures different to their own, through art, drama, English and other forums. During this term, year groups would visit a Place of Worship linked to their festival.

Collective Worship

At Hartley, Collective Worship takes place daily, in many different forums.  During phase and year group assemblies, as well as in class discussions, we promote our diversity and encourage children’s respect and tolerance of others. Weekly themes, which link closely to our British values, are structured to allow discussion and reflection time.

Newham Agreed Religious Education Syllabus